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From dreams to reality

Our goal was to marry the classic 911 with modern technology and design components, so that you can drive these machines like they were always meant to be driven, all year round.

We use a 964 for our conversions as the base. Now the question arises: is it possible to trim a 964 which has already a sound technical infrastructure optically to a classic?

After years of putting our collective heads into it, we’ve managed to do it. Obviously we had to re-engineer pretty much all the components to bring the car up to standard as well as sprinkle the years of Rennsport expertise. A fully custom exhaust system has been developed to really bring out the classic Porsche racing scream while fulfilling all the technical regulations in place to keep the car road legal. Of course, we equip our cars with a catalytic converter to keep the environment happy.

Weight optimization with maximum body stiffness is a prerequisite for a good working suspension and in turn good road holding. We have stiffened the body at all the points we’ve considered necessary in order to be able to absorb the road forces effectively. Here too our 25-year-old Porsche racing experience has come in handy.

And all of that with the highest quality and greatest attention to detail; both in the technical structure and in the finish, the full breadth of our know-how and craftsmanship has been in incorporated. This makes every single Lightspeed Classic that rolls off our shop a product of our experiences and love – a truly special automobile.